Tuesday, 24 March 2009

AIPP Celebrating Women In Photography Ball

The AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) recently held it's first major event to celebrate Australian Women in Photography. The Black Tie gala night was at the Park Hyatt in Melbourne - very nice!

As a Gold Award winner I was the only Canberra Photographer asked to submit images for the event - I couldn't believe that my work was hanging alongside the best female photographers in Australia! Two of my good friends in Canberra (Hilary Wardhaugh and Jennier Nagy - also fantastic photographers) came to support me at the Ball (I was so nervous!)

The event honoured 7 amazing Australian Female Photographers, Ruby Spowart, Bronwyn Kidd, Kate Geraghty, Karen Gowlett-Holmes, Lyn Whitfield-King, Jackie Ranken and Olive Cotton (dec). I was honoured to be in the room with these amazing and humble women. Their talents and passion for photography have given us some iconic images ranging from a underwater photography, high end fashion photography, amazing landscapes, views of warzones and glimpses into peoples lives.

What struck me most about these women was their passion for their craft.

The event was also used to support the Olivia Newton John Wellness Centre which was a fantastic cause. One of the most moving parts of the evening was when a fellow photographer recounted her battle with cancer.

I've posted a few silly photos from my point-and-shoot camera of the night.

Hilary, Suzett & Pippin
Me with one of my images

Jennifer, Me and Hilary

Our amazing female Photographers!
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